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For the record :  My name is Eric Martin and I invented the Golddigger Prospector Shovel / River Shovel.
Hello my name is Mike E. 2/12/12 I have been a member of GPAA since 2003, and I am the founding, and former GPAA Chapter President of the Brea, California Chapter of Route 66 Gold Miners Inc. I have done a fair amount of prospecting, and found a fair amount of gold. I met Eric Martin at one of our Chapter Meetings, and shortly after the introduction Eric demonstrated his new shovel. After prospecting for almost 20 years. I have often wondered about the unknown amounts of gold that have fallen off the shovel head, and escaped my sluice box, or my dry washer. The shovel that Eric Martin's designed eliminates the fear of loosing gold. Its easy to use, and compact for storage in your back pack. Eric's shovel is a must for the serious prospector. I recently used Eric's Shovel on a common dig with our Chapter. Immediately I could see the advantage of the shovel with each scoop of gravels. I was 100% positive that all the material from my shovel would be processed through my dry washer. Eric's Shovel saves time in that you can scoop more material per shovel load than store bought shovels.
From Tumbleweed Jim, member GPAA & board member of Inland Empire miners & prospectors club. 
I love my prospector's Shovel ! I used it with my dry washer & processed twice as much material for the same amount of labor and didn't spill anything !  It's the best thing since sliced bread !  I cant wait to try it in the river.
 I used the Golddigger shovel in the river and was amazed !  No sand loss, it was like a water barrier was there.  The current was fast enough to clean all the sand from the garden shovel in about 2 seconds !  A few weeks later, I used in Barstow with a dry washer.  What you put in this shovel stays there till you pour it out.
Wow, I am impressed with your design!  We prospect into remote GPAA claims here in Ca. I wish to purchase a shovel from you. Thank you, D C
Hi Eric I just saw your ad in the new Gold Prospector magazine. VERY NICE!!!! Keep up the good work!
I'm still using my Gold Digger shovel every week and loving more each time. 
Good luck and God bless.
Hello I attended a Prospector's meeting for the Alaska chapter and one our members had The Golddigger Prospectors /River Shovel and I tell you I think I fell in love with it.!!! I would Like to know if you can ship these to Alaska for a decent price. It does not have to be Priority Mail for me. I can wait for something this Awesome! Anyhow it looks like a wonderful product and I would just like to know if its possible to order one of these to The Last Frontier! Thank you for your time ~ . P.S. Either Email or contact by phone would be fine.  Thanks!
This is Eric now=  Of course! I'll ship my shovel where ever you live. You wont be penalized for living in a great area to prospect for gold.  I really like this guy!!!  He hasent even used the shovel yet yet he can see & understand how it will work for him.  I love this shovel and it is comforting to know that are others that feel the same!  P.S. I can take your order over the phone. 626 674 7256   Thanks,  Eic
6/14/12   From O.  In  Fresno, CA
Thank you for the best shovel design to date. it is a pleasure to use a product that works the way the inventor said it would. If your like me; if i am digging and see or know that there is gold at this spot i am really glad to have my River Shovel. Remember its a SHOVEL NOT A PRY BAR!!!. Honestly; If YOU are Serious about prospecting EVEN a WEEKEND WARRIOR will find this shovel is quite use full. AND under normal usage; it should last as long as you can "DIG". It Will Work for you as perfect as for me. P.S. Well WORTH THE MONEY!!!!!!
Eric =  Thanks O.  For those who dont know, here in CA. we cant use a dredge in the river anymore.   I'm glad to hear that the Prospector Shovel is letting you work the river and and that you are finding a good amount of gold. There is an old saying that go's "If you want to do your best work -  buy the best tools"  Thanks again O. & I wish you continued good luck!  Eric,  Martin Products
7/5/12 From a WA. Prospector =  Dear Mr Martin,
I see some real possibilities in this shovel, Thank You!  Real nice workmanship !
Dear Eric,  This is my customer testimonial :
I went to Slate Creek below Barron, Washington on a club claim.  The creek is swift.  It flows through a gorge which drains mile - high mountains in the North Cascades.  The GOLDDIGGER SHOVEL pointed into the current catches all the sand and gravel.  I first used a form buster to pry up larger rocks and loosen the over burden.  It is a very interesting and effective tool.  Something about it is traditional and vintage - - - like a tool from a miner's gear of the early days.  I bought two.  I love them.   I use no power equipment so these will be helpful in the current.!!  D.J.C.,  Seattle , Washington
Thanks D.J.C. I know how you feel , when you use the GOLDDIGGER SHOVEL it just feels natural because it was designed for the prospector.  I myself wonder why it took so long for someone to make one.  Thank you also for the pictures of your Form Buster next to the Golddigger Shovel and the shovel in the fast current holding the sand.
Thank you Eric for the super fast service and will let you kmow how well I like it.......DD
Wed. night 10/17/12
I just ordered a full length shovel...I am hoping to have this before next week when I go back up to the Rogue River. When will this ship and when do you think it would arrive to me in My City, CA. Thank you...looks like you made a great and very needed product!!!
This gentleman filled out the form on the Contact us page & left me his phone #.  I was able to talk to him & find out his exact need..  His shovel was shipped on Thurs. morning by usps priority mail for delivery on Sat.  He will enjoy it on his trip.
I've been using the shovel I bought from you and really like it. And, I've been finding a bit of gold in the material I've been gathering off the bottom.
I'm working a large underwater crevice and the shovel is a bit too wide. I've been turning it sideways to work the crevice but would like to buy a similar shovel that's about 1/2 as wide as the current model. Got such a thing or planning on building one?     YES !  I now make the small shovel.+ 5 more items=  trench shovel, river scoop, rock rake & river scoop, a Gold Spotter & a beach treasure scoop.  Go to my on line store - page 1 for more information.

March 2014.  
I bought your Trench Shovel & & I love it ! When the secret gets out, there wont be any gold left in the rivers.  Keep on inventing !

 Sept 2014
I bought a lg shovel and liked it so much I bought another for a friend. They are both working great! I want  to buy one of your other tools as soon as I get home from my trip.

Thank you ALL for your comments
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