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Here are the #2 garden shovel and The Golddigger Prospector Shovel / River Shovel pictured side by side.  If you were to stand them up they are almost the same size in height, or length over all with the handle on.  As you can see, that is the only way they are even close to being the same.   In the top photo: It breaks down for back packing. (or packing in the car, I have a Ford Focus & I have to take the top 1/2 of the handle off to get it in the trunk )  In the 2 ND  photo you can see narrow shape of the garden shovel.  Very near the back ,it starts curving toward the pointed tip, While the Golddigger has straight high sides to hold more without spilling.  This is why it works so well wherever you dig !!!  You can clearly see that the Golddigger holds more and why it wont spill.  Now lets look at rim around the top of the golddigger, shown in all of the pictures. It is called a water diverter.   When you are working in wet areas. Like near a river and you dig down to the water level.  When you pick up the garden shovel, your material falls off the sides.  Just look at the Golddigger and you  can tell.  The high sides protect what you dig.  It is called The Golddigger Prospectors Shovel / River Shovel for a reason.  It works great in the river.  Picture in your mind the water current in the river. Water wants to move through your Golddigger Shovel.  It hits the flat back of the shovel but cant get through, so it try's to go up and over but it hits the water diverter.  The same thing happens on the sides of the golddiggger.  The current is forced to fold back on it's self.  That why I call it a water diverter, it creates enough pressure that the current now just go's around.  Just like the water go's around a boulder , it go's around the Golddigger Prospectors Shovel / River Shovel and your sand rocks & gravel that are inside of it.  Yes it saves what you dig without spilling.  Even in the river !  
Double click picture for a close up view
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