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 double click picture for a close up view
    Another very BIG plus is - the Golddigger Prospectors Shovel/River Shovel breaks down so you can put it in your back-pack or a suit case, car trunk, etc. I know that when I go prospecting, my hands are full. It's nice to be able to break it down if you want to.
     When you look at the pictures, notice the piece of metal in the center of the handle in the top photo. The handle is 2 pieces bolted together using a 6 inch connector.  In the lower photos you can see where the handle is bolted to the shovel receiver. Please notice the gussets that brace the handle receiver at the shovel.
Also look at the way the side of the shovel curves down from the top of the diverter  toward the front of the shovel at its base.  It is designed that way to fit next to rocks and boulders to capture and keep sand.
   The Golddigger Prospectors Shovel/River Shovel is made of 16 gauge American steel. It is then Heat treated, case hardened for strength.
     You are going to love it !
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