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 We began to work the boulder and got 3 small pickers and aprox 25 small pieces of gold. I knew I had a winner! I was working near the side of the river and was pouring my material into my gold pan with no problems of spilling sand. My shovel had done it's job and done it far better than than I had expected. I took the shovel home and hired a patent attorney. This shovel is doing doing another job now. It's helping Americans keep jobs and our economy get better in its own small way. But the real reason I started this company is so that Prospectors can have thier own shovel. One that is designed and built for them and will perform much better than the old #2. As you can probably tell, I'm very proud of my shovel & I think you will be proud to own one. And what's not to like? It holds more without spilling, so you can process more material & find more Gold . As you can see in the pictures, the Golddiger is designed to keep material in it's body. You can also see that when you want to pour the material out, you can do so without spilling! 
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