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This Is the story of the Golddigger Prospectors Shovel / River Shovel.  The first of it's kind ! It is designed and built for you, the Prospector.
As I was digging in search of gold, I noticed there was sand/gravel spilling from the shovel. As my holes got deeper, it was harder to get all my material in the classifier/bucket. The way I see it, if you're spilling your sand - you are losing gold. When I was digging near the river and was working in water, it only got worse. I tried digging in the stream and was losing most of my material to the current. It was just washing out the back of my shovel. I did a computer search for prospector shovels and only found the same things I already had (a garden shovel and fold - up camping shovels from China). I did find a scoop shovel made for scooping grain, etc. When I looked at it, I could see that the design would not stop the river's current from sweeping the sand out of it.  I went back to the computer and did some more searching - still nothing. It was hard to believe that in the last 150 years or so, no one had yet designed or put on the market a shovel that was made FOR PROSPECTORS! During this time I was thinking of an article I saw in an old   magazine that I was given at the Gold Show. It was titled, "Make your #2 shovel a scoop", by welding a 1 inch piece of metal around the sides & back. I had looked at it and thought - good idea, but it needs to be better. How can it be better? I had some ideas that I wanted to try, so I bought a small welder and started to invent my own shovel. Now, I had never worked with metal before, but I came up with ways to get done what I needed to do - bend, cut, shape and weld and make my own tools to work with. I thought about the #2 scoop and decided it has to be higher. But, water might still sweep out some sand; so, I put a water flow diverter around the sides and back. Then I didn't like the shape of the #2. It didn't have the right shape to keep material in it. I made my shovel wider in the front and the sides sweep toward the front to keep more material in it's body. I built my shovel and was very happy with the way it looked.   I showed some friends my invention. I took a prospector friend with me and we went to the river (actually a creek) to try it out. I had made some pieces of lead to mimic gold & mixed some rocks, sand, and gravel in the shovel and then put it in the river. I  scooped some more sand from the river bottom. When I picked the shovel up to the top I got so excited! I couldn't believe it! Not only did no sand come out - it wasn't even boiling up or moving around. The shovel had worked much better than I had expected. I said to my friend wow! Wouldn't it be great if we found some gold with it now? So I took a few steps out in the stream and began digging behind a boulder using my pick on the larger rocks to loosen them up, put 3 scoops in the Gold pan and panned it. YES! 2 small pieces of gold!  ( Continued on the next page )
PS:  Please be very careful when working in moving water!  Make sure your footing is firm.  Don't go prospecting alone.  Stay away from swift currents, like where the water flows between large rocks or boulders.  If you can hear rocks being tumbled down the river, it isn't safe!  Don't get in.  The Golddigger Prospectors Shovel / River Shovel will easily keep what a #2 shovel will loose to the river current.  If you see sand being swept from your shovel, you may be in too swift of a current to be safe. 
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